Why are some of my items marked as out-of-stock on Polyvore, outside of Shop?

Certain products outside of our Shop pages may be labeled as out-of-stock because of the method that they were brought onto Polyvore.

When we take an advertiser’s feed of products, we have the most relevant and up to date information from that advertiser in our Shop. Alternatively, when products are clipped onto Polyvore by users or brands, we are unable to verify all of the product information tied to them. As a rule, any items that are clipped into Polyvore are marked as out-of-stock after 21 days of being on the site to maintain the most accurate availability information.

Note that when an item is in your feed file but has also been clipped into the site, the clipped in version will always be marked out-of-stock.  Our system will favor the item present in the feed, as its availability is being regularly updated when the feed is updated. If an item of yours is clipped in, but not present in your feed file, the 21-day rule will apply. When creating Sets or Collections for your brand profile, you should search in the Editor tool for the product name, which will pull the product from your feed with accurate stock availability.


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