Why am I seeing fewer clicks in my product-specific categories and a more clicks in higher-level categories like, Fashion, Clothing, and Shoes?

Categories such as the ones mentioned above are considered parent categories. Sub categories such as loafers, pumps and sandals will all fit under the Shoes parent category. If we have trouble categorizing your products, the performance data will be attributed to the main parent category. The last word of a title is weighed heaviest when categorizing your products.

Ensuring that the last word is your product titles are indicative of the product should significantly help product categorization. Using words such as, shirt, sandal, sneaker, ring, pendant, tote, glasses, etc. at the end of the title should help with proper categorization.

If you have made corrections to your product titles and are still having categorization issues, please contact your Account Executive or an inquiry to help further investigate.

Please log in to your Promoted Products Report and click 'Support' under the 'More' tab. 

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