Polyvore Feed Format Specification

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Polyvore’s Shop page is where millions of users discover and initiate purchases of products they love. This document explains how to be included in our product listings using the Polyvore Feed format.


In order for your products to appear within the Polyvore Shop, you must meet the requirements introduced below and further detailed in this document:

  1. Deliver a detailed and final product feed using a tab-separated file format (“.tsv”) via a URL
  2. Ensure the file is hosted and downloadable from your own server (HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP protocol)
  3. Address all feed issues identified in the initial review as required revisions
  4. Appoint a reliable and responsive contact that can address feed issues on an ongoing basis
  5. For CPC program tracking, provide Polyvore-specific static Advertiser-Level tracking parameters (note: required as backup even when Product-Level tracking is used)


Please provide the URL of your tab-separated feed file, with the feed file formatted as tab-delimited txt or .tsv (tab separated values). If the file needs to be zipped, use gzip only. We do not support SFTP at this time.


  • Polyvore shows only Women’s and Men's Fashion and Accessories, Beauty, and Home items in Shop. We may ask that you remove items from your feed that fall outside of these product categories.
  • Feeds must be in English
  • Each line item should have a unique image URL, with no image URLs duplicated
  • No promotional text, e.g. “free shipping”
  • All items must be buyable via your shopping cart—no email or call to complete order products
  • Feed must contain only in-stock items
  • Feed must be kept updated: feed must consistently reflect the same prices and product availability as found on your site
  • Only one currency allowed per feed
  • No unlicensed content allowed in images or text
  • Please make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces or tabs before or after field values.


  • Feed must have a header row that contains the field names in the specification below
  • Header row field names should match the specification exactly—make sure field names are all lowercase with no spaces
  • If optional fields are not populated, do not include the optional field name in the header row


  • The feed file should be UTF-8 encoded
  • All URL parameters should be properly encoded
  • All replacement variables should not be encoded (e.g. “<DEVICE>” should appear as “<DEVICE>”)
  • Field values should not begin with double quotes (“), double quotes are acceptable as a part of text fields when not used as the first character


  • Recommended size 500 px in height or width—minimum size 350 px
  • Not more than 3MB in size
  • Each product should have a unique image (e.g. no outfit images shared between multiple products)
  • Flat product shot on white background preferred
  • No celebrity content
  • No watermarks
  • No promotional text (e.g. free shipping, new)
  • No overlaid borders or images


  • If you’re providing feeds for multiple regions, please be aware that we can only accept multiple feeds when the domains are identical. For example, we cannot accept US and UK feeds when the US version is and the UK version is
  • If you offer the ability to shop in country currencies, a separate feed must be supplied per currency
  • Please confirm in advance through your Polyvore Account Executive that we are able to accept multiple country feeds from your domain


1. title (required) This should be descriptive and differentiated for each product. Titles should exclude size, category and marketing words (e.g. Medium, 0-12, $49 value, Stylist pick). Products with the product type (blouse, earring) at the end of the title will be categorized more successfully. 100 character limit. 

EXAMPLE: “Watercolor print long-sleeve peasant top” is preferred over both “Long-sleeve peasant top watercolor print medium blue multi-style #52709” and “Watercolor print long-sleeve”

You may choose to include the brand name in the title field, but it is not required. If you include brands in titles, please include them consistently throughout the feed.

More information on 'title' can be found here. 

2. brand (required) |The brand name of the product using correct capitalization. 30 character limit. Brand names exceeding the character limit will be ignored completely. If a particular item is unbranded, leave this field blank for that item.

EXAMPLE: Helmut Lang, DKNY, NARS Cosmetics

More information on 'brand' can be found here. 

3. url (required) | The landing page URL of the product on your site’s own domain. This should take a user to a page where this specific product can be purchased. The URL should include “http://” or “https://” but should NOT include tracking parameters or referral information. This should be the base product URL.


 More information on 'url' can be found here.

4. cpc_tracking_url (a.k.a. Product-Level tracking; optional) | The URL used to track this specific product in the Polyvore Promoted Products program. You may include a redirect URL containing tracking tags. If no product-level cpc_tracking_url is provided, the static campaign-level tracking parameters will be used.


More information on 'cpc_tracking_url ' can be found here.

5. imgurl (required) | The URL of a product image that is at least 350 px in height or width (recommended minimum of 500 px), and less than 3MB in file size. Once received, images are processed internally, including cropping white space. Items with images smaller than 350 px after processing or larger than 3MB in file size will not be loaded. Images of the product shot on a white background are preferred. Images shot on models or dark backgrounds do not work as well and are not recommended. The image will be cropped into a square for display.

More information on 'imgurl ' can be found here.

6. price (required) | Ongoing retail price of this product at your shop, as shown on the page specified in the ‘url’ field. Value must be greater than 0. For pre-owned items, the value should be its current selling price, not its price when new. Default currency is USD unless specified via a standard currency symbol in this field, or a currency code in the currency field (#8). Accepted price formats:

























 More information on 'price' can be found here.

7. sale_price (optional) | Sale price of the product, if applicable, as shown on the page specified in the URL field. “Sale price” indicates a temporary price reduction or an end-of-season permanent price reduction. Value must be greater than 0. If present, retail price (#6) will be displayed with a strikeout and appear next to the sale price. If a currency symbol is present, it must match the symbol shown in the retail price field (#6). Accepted price formats:













More information on 'sale_price' can be found here.

8. currency (required for AUD and CAD; optional for USD and GBP) | Three-letter ISO 4217 country code. If currency is not USD, please specify currency country code in this field or add the currency symbol ($, £) in the price field. If currency is CAD or AUD, this field is required.


More information on 'currency' can be found here. 

9. description (required) | A description of the product’s major attributes potentially including details like material, shape, pattern, and other design features. In other affiliate feed specifications, this would be the “long” description. Sentence case and correct grammar should be used. Field should be free of html and encoding errors. Celebrity mentions (“as seen on,” “worn by”), block lettering (“BUTTON DETAIL”), and promotional text (“free shipping,” “best price,” etc.) are not allowed. In other affiliate feed specifications, this would be the “long” description.

EXAMPLE: Make a statement with the Bindi decorative pillow, featuring a coral ground with an oversized medallion design that evokes exotic appeal. Coral. Cotton; polyester fill.

More information on 'description' can be found here.

10. sizes (optional) | Comma-separated list of available product sizes. Please also indicate the size system the sizes represent, such as US, UK, IT, FR, etc. The size system can be included per size in the “sizes” field or by adding the “size_system” field with the appropriate two-character values. We strongly recommended including sizes, as products without sizes won’t appear when the size filter is used.

EXAMPLE: S,M,L or 2,4,6,8,10

More information on 'sizes' can be found here.

11. size_system (optional) |Two-character value that represents the size system or regional sizing used for this item. This field is required if size system is not included in the “sizes” field.
















More information on 'size_system' can be found here.

12. size_type (optional) | Indicates special sizing of the product, if any. If none, or unsized, please indicate “Regular”.





Plus size








More information on 'size_type' can be found here.

13. color (optional) | Color of the product. If a product can be purchased in multiple colors, provide the name of a single representative color per image URL. If a product is multi-colored, provide a single color that is dominant in the product. Commas and hyphens are not allowed. There are no pre-defined accepted values, however more common color names will be more easily categorized and discoverable within Shop.

EXAMPLE: “Brown” will be more easily categorized than “chocolate”

More information on 'color' can be found here.

14. tags (optional) | Comma-separated product breadcrumbs or location in site hierarchy. This field helps us better categorize products.

EXAMPLE: Women’s accessories,Handbags,Cross-body

More information on 'tags' can be found here.

15. subject (required) | Intended audience of the product. Currently, only products with a value of Women, Men, Unisex, or Unknown can appear in Shop. Please use “unknown” for Home items, and “unisex” only for unisex fashion and beauty items. Products intended for other audiences such as Kids and Baby will not be displayed in Shop at this time. Accepted subject values:

women unisex unknown men

More information on 'subject' can be found here.

16. category (optional) | This optional field helps us categorize products. Must be one of the values below OR left blank for fashion accessories (hats, eyewear, scarves, tech accessories, gloves, belts, hair accessories, umbrellas, etc.). Accepted category values:



















More information on 'category' can be found here.

17. cpc_labels (optional) | Do not include this field if cpc_labels are not being populated. If you have opted to utilize Product Groups to manage your Promoted Products campaign, assign cpc_labels to your products to create groups for promotion and measurement.Each item can have only one cpc label, but you can group your products using up to 200 unique cpc label values, including “Default,” used for items without cpc_label values. They can be whatever attributes are important to you—a new collection, a color story, or a seasonal trend are a few great examples. Label names can contain upper or lower case UTF-8 characters, and can include spaces. Label names cannot include commas and should be limited to 30 characters. If the header is included, all products without a cpc_labels value specified will be assigned to a Default label. Example cpc_labels:


Promotional summer dresses

Under $100

black shoes 40% off

New Sale Items

Spring 2014 collection 

 More information on 'cpc_labels' can be found here.


  • Include “Pre-owned” at beginning of item title
  • Do not include sold out items
  • ‘Price’ indicates the ongoing selling price on the merchant’s site, not the item’s price when new
  • ‘Sale_price’ indicates the seller has lowered the ongoing selling price (temporarily or in close-out)

More information on 'For Other Merchant Notes' can be found here.


  • Polyvore will attempt to load your feed once per day
  • If your server is down or your file is otherwise not successfully obtained, your items may automatically be marked out of stock, removing them from Polyvore’s Shop until a future feed load attempt is successful


  • Prior to being included in Polyvore’s Shop, our team will review your final feed file, delivered via a URL, and provide comments. Comments may include addressing any typos or other errors, changes to formatting, suggestions for improving free-form fields like title and description, requests for higher quality images, etc.
  • Your products will only be included in Polyvore’s Shop after passing this initial review and addressing any required changes


  • After the initial review, Polyvore may still need to contact you from time to time regarding problems with your feed. Your point person must be able to respond and provide required updates to your feed within 2 business days.
  • Any large updates we make to the format of the feed requiring further action from your team will either be backward compatible or a transition will be made over a longer time period. The 2 business day time window is not applicable here, but instead to problems and errors encountered with part or all of your feed.


  • We support Google Analytics, Coremetrics and Adobe Site Catalyst
  • Supported replacement variables include <LANDING_PAGE_URL> AND <KEYWORD>, which we will dynamically replace at run-time with the values of these variables (e.g. <KEYWORD> would be replaced with “skirts”. All other variables must be static.
  • This will be used as your advertiser-level tracking template, and in the case where Product-Level tracking is being used, will only serve as a backup

For additional questions, please log in to your Promoted Products Report and click 'Support' under the 'More' tab. 

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