What is the difference between product-level tracking and campaign tracking?

Campaign-level tracking allows you to append parameters to your outbound clicks so that you may track your campaign performance through an analytics platform like Google Analytics, Coremetrics and Adobe SiteCatalyst. You may add the below variables to your tracking parameters to populate dynamic information about your clicks:

  • <LANDING_PAGE_URL> populates the URL of the product a user clicked on
  • <KEYWORD> populates the category or product group associated with a click.
  • <DEVICE> populates whether the user clicked from desktop or mobile

Example: if your tracking parameter looks like this:

  • <LANDING_PAGE_URL>?utm_source=polyvore&utm_medium=cpc_<DEVICE>&utm_campaign= <KEYWORD>

A real click may generate the following tracking URL:


Product-level tracking is generally used if you are working with a third party to manage your campaign. In these instances, product-level redirects should be included in your feed in the cpc_tracking_url field. Please note that product-level tracking is optional. We recommend that you start with campaign-level tracking if you do not typically optimize on the product level. We find that optimizing on the category level is an effective way to manage your Polyvore campaign.

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