How aggressively do I need to bid to win top placements?

As bid is only a component of our algorithm, it is not the only factor to determine what product wins a promoted placement. Our algorithm looks at a combination of factors to determine when a product wins a placement so that we provide Polyvore users the best shopping experience. These factors include relevance to search, bid, engagement and recency. We advise exploring these changes once your campaign has had ample time to ramp up, which could take anywhere from two to four weeks. We highly suggest reviewing the average bid column for competitive category insight. These bid ranges will also surface on your current bid file, available by clicking the “Import” button in your Promoted Products report.

Making sure your product titles are as descriptive as possible to the specific product will help with product categorization and improve search relevance. Titles should have the last word be the biggest product indicator.

  • ex:  
  • Gold, yellow diamond and blue sapphire ring
  • Red and white striped peplum shirt


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