How do I adjust my bids?

You may change your bids directly in the Promoted Products Report by updating the amount in the bid column or by importing your bid changes through the interface. After saving your updates, your new bids will take effect within the hour. We highly suggest reviewing the average bid column for competitive category insight. These bid ranges will also surface on your current bid file, available through the “Import” tool. Note: the average category bids feature is only available for category bidders and not for those using custom product groups.

Please note, Polyvore is not an auction bidding site. The amount you set for your bid is the amount you will pay for each click.


How To Confirm Desktop Bids:

You'll be able to modify this percentage at any point in your campaign settings.

6 Download the bid template and add bids

7 Upload the modified bid sheet as a .csv file

8 Confirm bids and launch your campaign

9 Continue to the Promoted Products Report to view the live campaign


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