What can I do in the Promoted Products Report?

Use your Polyvore analytics to optimize your campaign. 

1. Launch your campaign(s)

  • Once logged into the report, click “Create Campaign”, select target market, input your tracking parameters and click “Save”. You will then be taken to another page where you can download your bid file, mass update your bids and import the new file with your bids. Then click “Start Campaign”. Please note bids must be added in 0.00 format. Commas and currency symbols will be rejected as an error.
    • It may take several hours for your campaign to go live after adding bids.

2. Analyze, sort, and export regional, category, and device-level data

3. View product coverage and review new category bid suggestions for increased campaign coverage

4. Adjust, add, or remove current bids within the report interface or through our bulk “import” tool

5. Make informed bid decisions by reviewing average category bids

6. Pause, re-start, or end your campaign

  • If you accidentally end your campaign instead of pausing it, we will not be able to re-activate the campaign for you. You will need to create a brand new campaign.

7. See additional categories in which you have product coverage but are not currently bidding

8. View the average bid column for competitive category insight across active advertisers

9. Adjust your campaign tracking parameters

For more reporting information, check out the Promoted Products Guide.

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