Conversion Pixel Implementation Guide

Enhanced Reporting with the Polyvore Conversion Pixel

Increased visibility on your campaign enables you to better react and optimize to meet business objectives. Integrating the Polyvore conversion pixel provides you access to the following metrics through the Promoted Products Report:

  • Orders
  • Sales
  • Conversion-to-sale
  • Average order size
  • Return on ad spend

Integration Instructions

The conversion pixel will only record orders originating from Polyvore.
To integrate, add the following to your order confirmation page (page displayed after an order is placed). The Polyvore conversion pixel will work with a pixel container or tag manager.

  • 1x1 image tag
  • Place the pixel between the <body> tags

Conversion pixel URL structure (all values should be URL-encoded):


HTTPS (for secure confirmation pages):<retailer_host_name>&amt=<subtotal>&oid=<order_id>&skus=<product_skus>&cur=<currency>
  • <retailer_host_name> is the host name of your website. This should match the displayed host name of your products on Polyvore. For example, if your site is "", you would use "" as your host name.
  • <subtotal> is the subtotal of the order, excluding taxes and shipping. Subtotal should not include commas.
  • <order_id> is your site-specific order id; this can be up to 128 characters long.
  • <product_skus> is the list of product skus in the order. Multiple skus should be separated by a comma “,”. Please note that skus containing "/" need to be URL-encoded in order to be supported.
  • <currency> is the three-character ISO 4217 currency code, e.g., “usd” for US dollar.


Here is a sample conversion pixel for an order of US $257.59 on that contains three products (sku1, sku2, sku3) with an order id: order1234.

<img width="1" height="1" src=",sku2,sku3&cur=usd">

How can I test if the pixel is live?

Please respond to your “Budget Added” confirmation email once your pixel has been implemented. At this time, we’ll check to see if the conversion pixel is firing and if any values need to be changed. You may also complete a test order and send us a screenshot of the live HTML code on the confirmation page.

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